Komatsu LTD Time Line

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In 2003 to provide KAL Customers alternate parts and component purchasing options. Newcastle Branch was set up in Tomago for east coast support.

In 2006 Western Australia Used parts was set up located in Bunbury WA to support the west coast with alternate option for the Mining and Construction market.

Following the devastating QLD Floods in 2011, 128 machines new and used were taken in by Used Parts for dismantling hence Sherwood Branch was created.

NSW Komatsu Used Parts

In 2003 Komatsu Australia (KAL) decided to improve part offerings by increasing the range of parts and components for older excavators, dozers, trucks, loaders, graders and skid steers. These parts would cover older machines with competitive market pricing.

Komatsu Used Equipment was the primary supplier for used parts in addition to providing good quality used equipment.

West Used Parts WA

After witnessing the success of the Used Parts division which was launched in 2003, Komatsu utilised the same rationale as deployed in NSW and established a Used Parts division in WA, which primarily focused on Mining Machines - used parts.

WA Used Parts shared their premises adjacent to the local Komatsu Branch which allowed Komatsu to utilise the resources of Komatsu Used Parts and also the local Branch’s resources such as technicians and certain resources for the dismantling of machines for parts stock and the repair and or refurbishment of components.

WA operates from a reasonable sized warehouse, with parts and components distributed within the Komatsu
branch and customer network.

Sherwood Used Parts Branch opened in QLD

Building on the success of the Used Parts business in NSW and WA, Komatsu utilised the same tried and tested method to deploy used parts in QLD. However after the Floods of 2011 which led to widespread damage, Komatsu purchased 125 Komatsu machines, with the sole purpose of dismantling them for used parts.

This led to the creation of QLD Used Parts located at Sherwood with a new facility rebuilt for Used Parts, Training and Used Equipment. The Sherwood Used Parts division is staffed by 7 experienced Komatsu staff.

The QLD facility is a large warehouse and yard area plus a workshop that caters for machine strip down and rebuild/refurbishment of flooded machine components as other alternatives to New or Reman. As of 2016 approximately 63 flood affected machines remain in QLD and 62 in NSW. These include a range of hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, dump trucks and dozers.

Dismantling of flood affected machines

As of 2016 Komatsu has dismantled the majority of all flood affected machines which have been catalogued in addition to the flood affected machines Komatsu Used Parts also has a wide range of available Ex Reman Components and Surplus New parts being sold through Komatsu Used Parts.