About Us

Komatsu is the world's leading innovator and manufacturer of construction and mining equipment. Komatsu Australia was established in 1965 and since it's inception has witnessed rapid growth by providing unrivalled quality and service


In May 1921 a legend was born. The name Komatsu would become synonymous with success, vision and unrivalled quality. The Story begins long before the company was called Komatsu. The founder of the company Meitaro Takeuchi had inherited his father’s philosophy that education and mechanisation were key to Japan’s future. He set about on a life long journey to bring the industrial revolution to Japan ensuring her prosperity well into the future. 

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Over the next 20 years Meitaro sent his staff to The US and England to learn new techniques whilst he purchased machines to improve mine efficiency. The results of his efforts were demonstrated by the increase in mine production from 60,000 tons to 220,000 tons within 5 years. 

By 1921 Meitaro put together a group of investors and on the 13th of May 1921, Komatsu Manufacturing Co. Ltd was established. Meitaro Takeuchi was a major stockholder in the newly established company and his philosophy and humanitarian focus carries on in Komatsu to this day. 

From its inception in 1921, Komatsu has grown from strength to strength. With staff numbers at 127 during inception including 6 directors to the current day where Komatsu is one of the largest organisations in the world; with 46,000 employees spread across offices in every corner of the globe.

In 2021, Komatsu will celebrate 100 years of achievement; we look forward to this auspicious day where we can revel at the accomplishments of the past and plan for the challenges of the next 100 years.